Hybrid Solar System

It is becoming more common to utilize solar cell modules with higher efficiency and higher output. The use of renewable energy not only secures power supply in remote islands and remote areas but also in general households and large-scale plants has various merits such as reduction of CO2 emission and cost reduction of electricity cost.

In countries and facilities where power supply is unstable, a combination of commercial power supply and photovoltaic power generation and a battery storage that retains the electric power and enables the construction of various infrastructures and computer networks by supplying more stable power. Furthermore, even in Japan, securing stable electricity at all times in preparation for a disaster is a very important task.


The system may consist of solar array, battery bank, hybrid solar controller (HSC), generators and other power management components. The HSC manages the distribution of power from the Solar Panels, Grid or Generators to the Load in order to maximise Solar Power usage. A battery bank can be provided to minimise downtime in the event of loss of Commercial power. The backup time can be adjusted by battery capacity.