HimawariCast Satellite Receiving System

The images from the Himawari-8/9 satellites are used for weather analysis, forecast and severe weather monitoring. The data can be used to contribute to the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters, such as typhoon, heavy rain and heavy snow.

The introduction of the Himawari 8 & 9 satellites greatly increased channels, products and data frequency.

Himawari N2
Himawari IR

The HimawariCast data, re-transmitted by communication satellite (JCSAT-2B), includes satellite image High Rate Information Transmission (HRIT) files (14 bands), Low Rate Information Transmission (LRIT) files (4 bands), numerical forecast GPV, ground observation data, SATAID format data etc. are delivered. The received data is processed by the HimawariCast reception system and can be used in weather forecasting, disaster prevention, traffic, shipping and aviation.

A parabolic antenna is installed which forwards the data to the DVB-S2 receiver where it is converted and stored in the Data Reception Processing Workstation. From there the data is sent to the Forecaster Workstation. The system configuration can be designed to suit the client's use requirements.

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*Configuration will be designed based on Customer's request