Automatic Weather Stations AWS

Automatic weather Stations for a variety of monitoring applications including meteorological, hydrological, agriculture, industrial, aviation, roads, ports, etc.

The AWS can be configured using the with standard sensors like wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall amount, solar radiation, sunshine duration, visibility and cloud height. Other parameters can be added subject to client requirements.

Communication from the stations can via automatic transmission using radio, satellite or mobile network. Alternatively, the stations can log the data for periodic download.

A system can be provided to receive and automatically process the data. This will include our “Weather Monitor” software which will receive the data, perform necessary calculations and display the data in a variety formats including table and graph. Outputs are complicate with WMO standards including SYNOP and BUFR.


The stations are typically powered by solar but can also be powered by AC, Wind power or a Hybrid solution.

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