2023.11.28 Product News Pulsar product REFLECT, “Technical Qualification Certificate-GITEKI ” Issued
  • We are pleased to announce that the Technical Qualification Certificate (so called GITEKI) for Reflect has been issued!
    [GITEKI Mark Approval No. 209-J00487]
  • Delairco is now accelerating its sales activities.
    If you would like to contact us by
    ◆Phone, please call us at  03-6453-7626
    ◆E-mail: please send us at [email protected]
    ◆Or for catalog download from: 2-wire FMCW Radar Level Sensor REFLECT™ | Delairco Japan
2023.02.16 Product News Level & Flow page upgrade
  • Movies are now added into our Level & Flow products.
    Please visit our new Level & Flow product page with intelligible information.

 Click here 

2021.04.26 Product News Ceilometer Page Open !
  • Our Cloud Ceilometer Page is now Live!!!
    The Eliasson cloud ceilometer CBME80B is a compact and lightweight standalone instrument for measuring cloud base height and vertical visibility.
    The CBME80B ceilometer is ideal for use in aviation and meteorological applications and is suitable for installations on land, ships and for offshore use.
2021.04.02 Product News New Wind Page Open !
  • Our Wind Resource Assessment Page is now Live!!!
    Please see our range of Wind Solutions.
    We will be expanding our webpage, so please come back often.