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  • Find True North and consequently provide absolute and accurate offset values for wind vanes
  • Drastically reduce wind direction uncertainty by more than 500%!!!
  • Guarantee the most accurate direction measurements available in the industry
  • Continuously provide the true offset value for correcting misalignment due to a twisted measurement mast or bended sensor booms

Catalog PDF

Geovane for Met Mast

Given the impact incorrect wind direction measurements have, the recently updated IEC61400.12.1 (2017) now requires complete assessment of wind direction measurement uncertainties. The Geovane solves this.

Add a Geovane to your wind measurement campaign and get the most accurate wind direction data available on the market.

And no more mistaking the geographic (True) North for magnetic North...

Geovane for Turbine

Precision alignment of wind turbines for advanced sector management.

Studies show even small wind direction measurement errors have a dramatic negative impact on total wind farm power output.