ZX 300 - Onshore wind Lidar
  • Remotely measure the wind from 10 to 300+ metres above ground.
  • Be flexible within your planning applications by using a low visual impact, low height device.
  • Start your measurement campaign tomorrow with little or no site preparation or planning permits required.
  • Suitable for standalone wind energy assessments, by DNV GL. ZX 300 is fully IEC Classified to IEC 61400-12-1: 2017.
  • Take confidence from our 3 year Warranty and Service Interval.
  • Real-time Quality Controlled 1-second data. This new best-in-class resolution of wind data enables emerging Lidar applications within the wind, meteorological and associated industries such as crane lifts and helicopter operations. No other Lidar provides a full 360° wind field calculation derived from just one second of data.
ZX 300M - Offshore wind Lidar
Available on all commercial floating buoys and designed for any offshore platform. Proven in the harshest of offshore floating environments. All with the longest service and warranty period, as standard, of any Lidar.
  • Our Continuous Wave laser measures the Line of Sight wind speed every 20 milliseconds to ‘freeze’ any motion encountered.
  • Multi-layered, highly insulated, plastic moulded Lidar housing, with additives to provide high UV stability and improved marine growth resistance.
  • Highest grade of marine connectors available for all peripheral items, 2000+hrs salt spray tested.
  • Custom stainless steel frame to allow for ease of handling and efficient securing to any platform surface.
  • Marine met station with improved yaw determination, for floating offshore platforms.
  • Stainless steel window wiper system with silicone wiper blade.
  • External cooling system / air movement fans upgraded to IP 68.
ZX TM - Turbine Mounted wind Lidar
Optimise wind turbines, wind farms and wind projects. Improve the Cost of Energy of a wind farm by producing more energy, and increasing project value with more certain wind measurements.
The only Lidar to measure the full shear and veer wind profile of a wind turbine. Accurately and automatically detect complex flow conditions such as wakes.
  • Remotely measure the wind ahead of wind turbines from 10m to 500m+.
  • Compensate for turbine movement automatically for accurate measurements above ground level, e.g. hub height.
  • Standard industry-accepted methodologies and measurements for: Power Curves, Nacelle Transfer Function calibration including Yaw Alignment, and Wake Detection.
  • Extensive 3 year service period ensuring the lowest cost of through-life ownership.
  • Suitable for installation on all major turbine platforms.